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Sunday Gunday: 3 Things That Will Keep Your Shot True in the Offseason

Now that the main hunting seasons are closed...

There's no more turkey hunting until fall, and deer season is months and months away. How do you keep in practice over the summer months?

These three tips will keep your shot abilities sharp, even in the offseason.

1. Bust some clay

Check your local areas for gun clubs that offer trap and skeet. If you own or have access to private land and have hand-thrown targets, get out there and practice your shotgunning.

If you only shoot at live game during hunting season, your wingshooting will almost certainly suffer. Practice all year and enjoy the extra trigger time.

2. Long distance targets await

Rifle shooting has, in many ways, turned into a game of "Who can shoot the farthest?" Outdoor gun ranges are often the perfect place to practice those long shots.

Make sure you fire from hunting positions, and not just a bench with sandbags. While it's great for sighting your rifle in, you sure won't have the luxury when hunting season is going on, and your trophy is in the scope's crosshairs.

3. Groundhogs, prairie dogs, and coyotes

In the offseason, there are a lot of vermin species that are still able to be hunted year round. Get out there with your deer rifle to tag a coyote or two; Not only will you likely save some deer fawns, but you'll be practicing your tatics in live hunting situations.

Groundhogs can make great practice for the squirrel hunter, and prairie dogs are a true test of any shooter's marksmanship.

Keep these three things in mind when you're bored this summer, and you'll be able to say you've build confidence and skill by the time fall rolls around.

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