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15 of the Best Rod and Gun Clubs in America

Livingston Gun Club 

Rod and gun clubs are a tradition that run deep in this country.

Here are our picks for 15 of the best rod and gun clubs in the nation.

15. Crooked Creek Conservation Club.

Located in Hartsgrove, Ohio, a small town in northeastern Ohio, this club offers members fishing, hunting, multiple gun ranges, trap and skeet ranges. Field trials are available for training your hunting dogs.

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Crooked Creek


14. Kodiak Island Sportsman's Association

This club on Kodiak Island in Alaska has a lot to offer in our northern most state. Check them out.

gun club
Facebook/Kodiak Island Sportsman's Association


13. The Schofield Rod & Gun Club (SRGC) 

This club, in Wahiawa, Hawaii, is for our fair-weathered friends in Hawaii. Hawaii is for the sportsman and sportswoman too. Check them out here.

12. The Orlando Gun Club  

In Orlando, Fla. this club offers everything you could want in a shooting club.

Orlando Gun Club


11. Fort Bliss Rod and Gun Club

This club is in El Paso, Texas has some extremely long range rifle shooting ranges that will interest the long distance shooter among other attractions.



10. Brandywine Hundred Rod and Gun Club

This one in Port Penn, Del. has everything and more you could ever want in a rod and gun club. Plan your trip here.

Brandywine Hundred Gun and Rod Club


9. The Scottsdale Gun Club

In Scottsdale, Ariz., this club offers everything you can think of in an indoor shooting club, even machine gun rentals!

Scottsdale Gun Club


8. Northern Dutchess Rod and Gun Club Inc. 

This rod and gun club offers many gun ranges and activities. For members, there are three hundred acres of forests and fields. Win win!



7. AAA Gun Shop

This one in San Juan, Puerto Rico offers an indoor range and gun safety classes.

6. Billings Rod and Gun Club 

The Billings Rod and Gun Club, in Billings, Mont. offers a great place to shoot with updated ranges.

Billings Rod and Gun

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5. Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club 

The Ontelaunee club in New Tripoli, Pa. offers great service to customers in that area.

4. Palmetto Gun Club

This club, in Charleston, S.C., has it all, ranges and kind southern hospitality, as stated on their website.

3. Livingston Gun Club

This club, in Brighton, Mich. has been around since the 1950s and going stronger than ever. Learn more here.

Livingston Gun Club 


2. Sunnyvale Rod and Gun Club

The Sunnyvale club in Cupertino, Calif. has been serving shooters in the sunny state since 1961.

1. National Rifle Association Headquarters Range.

The N.R.A. has a superb range that is 50 yards long and can be shot with up to a .460 Weatherby Magnum right in the basement of their headquarters! It is open to members and non-members alike so if you are ever in the Fairfax, Virginia area, stop on by!

NRA HQ Range

Plan a trip to one of these clubs today!

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15 of the Best Rod and Gun Clubs in America