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Summer Road Trips Already on the Minds of Drivers

Summer road trips are a time-honored American tradition and music playlists have something to do with that.

Memorial Day is just around the corner and certain areas of the country are already feeling the heat come on (95 and sunny in Phoenix, for instance). That means long summer nights, popsicles, barbecue, and the classic summer road trip. According to Travelocity, 65% of those polled in a recent survey said they're more apt to go on a summer road trip this summer as compared to last year.

Holiday Road

Low fuel prices have always been there during the warm summer months, so that's not the reason why. Travelocity found that while the most important part is the destination, 33% of people polled said they look forward to the trip itself. A Travelocity customer said they prefer the summer road trip itself because of family time, sights to see, and music playlists they listen to. It's like a throwback to those wood-paneled station wagon days a la National Lampoon's Vacation.

What do people like least when they're on the road, even when memories are being made and amazing music is playing? Fussy kids (no doy), followed by backseat drivers and frequent bathroom breaks. Can't help you there.

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