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Successful Turkey Hunt Ends with a Trip to the ER

Trip to the ER
Image via Screenshot

When you set out on a turkey hunt you hope there will be blood; just not the trip to the ER kind of blood.

The guys from Team Radical headed out on a turkey bow hunt and were looking for blood. During the hunt you'll see that they are able to employ a handful of different turkey hunting strategies before finally getting to draw on a longbeard.

Unfortunately the good times take a turn for the worse during the course of the hunt as it ends with a trip to the ER.

At least we know that the broadheads are sharp. Well done for sticking it out and finding the bird and finishing off the hunt even after you've cut your finger open. The second hunt included in this video is not too shabby either. It offers a good look at just what can happen to an old wiley bird over the years.

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Successful Turkey Hunt Ends with a Trip to the ER