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Subscription Gear Box Review: The Alpha Outpost Prime Box

Looking for the perfect survival gear subscription?

Alpha Outpost has an ideal offering for the gear-minded, survival-ready individual.

We got to see what comes in the Alpha Outpost Prime Box, and the results were pretty satisfying.

What is Alpha Outpost? Well it is a subscription gear service. Each month you get a box of different survival and outdoor themed gear packaged well in a handy box. For this review I chose the Alpha Outpost Prime Box.

Here is what was included in the box:

  • Packable Backpack
  • 10-in-1 Shovel
  • Prime Patch
  • Prime Magazine

Let's look at the packable backpack first. This desert green backpack folds up into its own zippered pouch. With compacted dimensions of 7"x 6" x 2", it packs away small.

A front zippered pocket is accessible even when compacted. An American Flag, an Alpha Outpost patch, and a removable Prime patch decorate the outside of the zippered pocket.

When unzipped, the backpack unfolds into an adjustable-strapped, lightweight pack that is roughly 30" long and 27" wide. It's a handy way to pack your lunch and an extra insulated coat for any sort of wilderness adventure.

During my treks I have found this pack quick to put into action and quite comfortable, too.

Also included in this box was a 10-in-1 shovel. The stainless steel shovel comes with a green, removable carry case that has a Velcro closure. It includes a black Prime Logo, and also has belt straps that also are Molle compliant to attach to other packs.

The inside of the carry case is a main compartment with two smaller compartments. These pockets house the threaded parts that make one very impressive multi-purpose survival tool.

This shovel is indeed a transformer. The shovel blade component has a folding head, much like the G.I. military folding shovels have. The blade itself is serrated on one side with a gut hook (or seat belt cutter), and a sharp straight edge blade on the other.

The straight edge blade is marked for measuring and has two socket head cut outs for added utility. The shovel blade size is just over 5" wide and 6.5" long.

There is a two-strap Velcro system cover that protects the blade and the user when the tool is stashed away. There are three threaded and knurled handle pieces that go together for the full length handle of about 21". The overall length then is 29" long.

One end handle piece has a handy compass and a flint sparker rod. Another section houses a two-sided screwdriver with both a standard straight and Phillips tip available.

Other blades can be housed inside of the handle as well, and the tool comes complete with a knife blade, saw blade, bottle opener, and a unique pronged end. One section has a pointed impact/hiking staff, similar as you would find on a sectional trekking pole.

Rubber O-ring gaskets seal out moisture from the assembled sections. Also, there's room for vaseline-coated cotton balls, light survival fishing gear, and other small survival minded items inside the sections if you want to add them. That choice is up to you.

As I was testing the 10-in-1 shovel, I found it packed well and shoveled dirt even better. The longer handle created a lot more leverage over the standard G.I. folding shovel. Your back will thank you, trust me.

The serrated blade on the shovel sawed through roots, and the straight edge blade even made for a decent axe head for light duty work. It's pretty lightweight, so I wouldn't suggest using it like a traditional axe head too often).

The compass held true direction and the added tools all seemed like they'd get used sooner or later. In a survival situation, this assembled tool might make a very fearsome weapon if you are cornered.

Lastly, the Prime Magazine was included in the box, and gives helpful survival tips along with a comical story that goes to show how useful the Prime Box contents really are. It's a common practice for subscription box services these days, but the Alpha Outpost's version seems genuine.

To add to the plus factors, Alpha Outpost shipped my review box quickly along with a tracking number. Their customer service is very friendly and professional, something that's unfortunately not always the top concern with subscription companies such as these.

There's little reason I'd give anyone not to check out their website and see what Alpha Outpost is all about. If you're into getting new survival gear, it's obvious you'll like it.

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