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Sturgeon Spearing on Lake Winnebago is a Tradition as Strong as Deer Hunting

Sturgeon spearing in Wisconsin is for some families as strong a tradition as the opening of hunting season. Here's a look into one spearer's adventure this year, as his family prepares for opening day and he tries to bag his first sturgeon.

This is one of the best videos I've ever seen on sturgeon spearing in Wisconsin. We follow Jake Huebschman and his friends and family members as they prepare for the 2018 sturgeon season on Lake Winnebago.

From searching for a good spot to spear, cutting the rectangular hole and setting up their small ice shanty or darkhouse, Huebschman and his family are busy preparing their five shanties the day before the season opener.

Then, early the next morning they head out and get down to the business of staring into the shallow, murky waters of Lake Winnebago. What happens next is pure chaos.

It's interesting, the decoys that different folks use to attract lake sturgeon. In Huebschman's shanty they're using a white plastic milk jug and a deer antler.

Suddenly a huge torpedo-shaped figure moves through the open hole and Jake quickly throws the spear. They guys in the shack holler to their friends outside that they've got one, but their friends don't believe them. It's hilarious, as they battle the big fish and finally pull it out onto the ice.

They are absolutely besides themselves with joy, rolling around on the snow and whooping and hollering. It's joyful chaos! You can't help but smile at their success.

Jake's fish weighed 69.8 pounds and measured 69.3 inches long. They estimated the fish to be around 54 years old.

I went spearing this year but had no luck. It's my third year, with no sturgeon to show for it. But I'm hooked, and won't quit until I get one. Sturgeon spearing has become a tradition for my daughter and I.

This year's season is still going strong, but here are the resuts from the 2017 sturgeon spearing season.

It's videos like this one that fuel the fire. Great job, Jake Huebschman, and great job The WoodsGuys Media for producing the film.

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