Indian Creature
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The Strange-Looking Creature From India that Puzzled the Internet

This Indian creature absolutely stumped people because of its unique figure and bald body. 

First and foremost, what in the world is it? It looks like a goat combined with something from Lord of the Rings. The creature, boasting large ears and a major underbite, was discovered in a village in India.

The balding "animal" looks to have hooves as well as a large tongue.

The video below gives a closer look at this anomaly of nature.

Sometimes you think you've seen it all until you come across something completely foreign, like this. Of course, as seems to be par for the course on such things, it turns out this wasn't a demon from some dark underworld. And no, it was not an alien from another world that got left behind. It turns out, it was simply a farm goat with a disturbing, but natural, facial deformity. It's not the first time one has gotten a ton of mainstream attention in India. We're sure it will not be the last either. Even if it is a known animal, it's quite disturbing to look at because the deformed skull gives some semblance of a face, which humans have a tendency to respond to.

It's not that we can blame people for freaking out about it though. After all, just imagine walking through a dark farm pasture or forest at night, and hearing something walk up behind you. When you turn around, this thing is standing there staring you in the face? We think that would be a pants-soiling moment for most people!

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