Stone Broadhead
YouTube: The Push Archery

Archer Heart Shots Buck With Handmade Bow and Stone Broadhead

This is about as old school as you can get.

In the world of archery, everyone is always looking for faster and more technologically advanced products. Modern compounds, arrows, and broadheads are capable of things bowhunters a hundred years ago could have never dreamed of achieving. It's easy to see why some hunters feel like we've strayed a bit too far from our hunting roots.

Perhaps that's what's driving a niche group of bowhunters to return to the roots and origins of bowhunting. And when we are talking about the roots, we are talking about way, way back. To the point that some archers are even building their own gear using stuff Native Americans may have utilized.

Today's video from The Push Archery features bowhunter Greg Krause. He's looking to the past for his latest bowhunting challenge. He's using a handmade bow, and a traditional stone broadhead to try and kill a whitetail. He ends up harvesting a nice buck in New York using these throwbacks to a bygone era showing that traditional archery equipment never goes out of style.

While we have seen plenty of traditional hunting videos before utilizing recurves and longbows, this was the first time we can recall someone using a stone point to harvest a whitetail. Fortunately, Krause made a perfect heart shot, and it dropped that buck quickly and humanely. That happened despite getting only about four or five inches of penetration.

It just goes to show that in bowhunting, shot placement and a sharp broadhead are the key factors in killing a deer. A complete pass-through is great for blood trails, but penetration is not necessarily the only thing that matters.

This was fascinating to us because it's probably the closest you'll get to seeing how the gear of Native Americans handled big game. It's wild to think this is the type of equipment people hunted with for thousands of years here in North America. Those old hunters had some serious skills to take deer regularly with equipment like this.

Kudos to Greg for having the guts to try a hunt like this. We would say a buck of any size taken in this manner is a true trophy. Congrats on your unique harvest Greg!

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