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Bowhunter Smokes 190-Inch Buck of a Lifetime With a Traditional Recurve Bow

190 Recurve Buck
YouTube: The Deer Society

You do not see a buck like this downed with a recurve too often.

In the world of bowhunting, archery technology has advanced rapidly the past 10 years or so. These days, compound bows are capable of things hunters like Fred Bear, Saxton Pope, or Art Young could have only dreamed about. Taking any big game animal with a bow is still an accomplishment, but there is something to be said for doing things old school.

Especially when we are talking about something like a recurve bow. These bows are more than capable of taking the largest of big game. However, a hunter needs to be patient, and they need to put in a ton of practice to successfully harvest a deer with one of these.

Even then, you will find very few hunters who find success on an extremely large deer using one of these. In today's video, Jacob Miner of the Deer Society shows how it is done when he makes a perfect shot on a 190-inch monster in Iowa.

This buck would be an impressive harvest for anyone using any weapon. However, using such a traditional stick and string like this makes this buck even more impressive in our mind. It takes some careful scouting, and excellent planning to get that close to a buck this large. To do it in late November as the rut was winding down just adds to the challenge. The fact he was able to call it in that close just makes the hunt even more exciting.

In the end, Jacob made a perfect shot on this beast. This was one of those shots where you just knew it was perfect. It just goes to show that a traditional recurve bow will never go completely out of style. With a little time and a lot of practice, it can be an effective hunting tool for anyone.

Congratulations to Jacob on his buck. And for doing things old school in this hunt. We are not sure we would have been able to keep our composure seeing a buck like that walking in!

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Bowhunter Smokes 190-Inch Buck of a Lifetime With a Traditional Recurve Bow