Infiniti's new commercial shows the darker side of Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry Stars in New 2019 Infiniti QX50 Commercial

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warrior living legend, is now the star of a new 2019 INFINITI QX50 commercial. And it's...something.

Titled "The Other Side of Stephen," the 30-second clip from Infiniti cuts through a close up of Curry stepping over a newspaper headlined "the nicest guy in basketball" before he takes the crossover Infiniti QX50 on a ride, narrating on his "darker side" while hitting curves and straightaways before being reminded by his wife to buy milk on speakerphone.

Curry is known as one of the Association's best shooters and point guards, and, arguably, one of the best in history. His boyish looks and overall cavalier persona on the court has given sports fans the idea he's soft. This Infiniti commercial is obviously poking fun at that idea, so it's great to see Curry lean in a bit.

Infiniti Goes Dark

"Stephen Curry's drive to continue to set new benchmarks both on and off the court is an ideal parallel to the attributes of the all-new INFINITI QX50," said Phil O'Connor, director of marketing communications and media at INFINITI USA. "It is the first crossover with the ability to seamlessly switch between two sides, power and performance as well as efficiency and economy."

The whole play on his "darker side" is a tribute to the QX50's 2.0-liter turbo variable compression ratio engine and its emphasis on switching between "power and performance" and efficiency and economy." Specs include 268 horsepower and 280-pound-feet of torque with a XTRONIC CVT gearbox.

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