Stealth Cam Introduces 4K Quality Trail Camera

The new 4K Ultra High Definition trail camera from Stealth Cam just raised the bar. Really high.

The world of trail cameras is certainly not short of options. Manufacturers tout stats on everything from megapixels to trigger speeds. The latest features have even included wireless email capabilities that could send photos directly from the field to the owners email address.

As if those features weren't enough, Stealth Cam just raised the bar again. And they didn't take baby steps, either.

Introducing the new DS4K. This new trail camera from the team over at Stealth Cam is loaded with impressive new features. If you haven't picked up on it yet, the camera offers 4K quality ultra high definition video with audio. This is possible through the use of a new high definition camera capable of 30 Megapixel still shots (yes, 30). On top of that, the new camera has an infrared flash range of 100 feet.

According to reports from ATA, the camera will be available late Spring 2017.

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