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5 Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Trail Cameras

Looking to stock up on trail cameras this summer, but don't want to spend the money on the top end cameras? Try these five that will get you the best bang-for-your-buck.

Trail cameras can be crazy expensive these days. I know that most of the top dollar cameras perform exceptionally well, but it is just hard for me to justify spending $300 or more for a trail camera, especially when I have close to 20 cameras. Most of my cameras I have gotten in the $100 dollar range, and they accomplish what I need done. Give these five trail cameras a look when buying new ones this year.

1. Primos Workhorse


The Primos Workhorse camera is the most simple trail camera I have ever operated. It doesn't have many setting that nicer cameras have such as a delay time, or sensitivity level, but you still get all the basics with date and time, which is the most important piece of information anyways. Priced at only $72 on amazon, you can buy four  of these for the price of one top end trail camera.

2. Covert Illuminator


Covert Trail Cameras have quickly become a fan favorite for me. With easy to work set up, and a variety of settings, they make a great camera. Their daytime pictures especially look exceptionally well.

The only downfall of this camera is that some of the night shots aren't as high quality if the deer aren't right in front of the camera. Overall, for $149.99 on TrailCamPro (includes an 8GB SD card), this camera is a great bang for your buck.

3. Moultrie M-880 8MP


Moultrie game cameras have always had a great reputation, and I am just starting to use a few of them. This camera seems to always be reliable. It can take up to 8MP images and records 720p HD videos.

This camera boasts a 50-foot detection range and it incorporates the time lapse mode if you like to utilize that. It has a trigger speed of less than one second, and takes 8 AA batteries. Right now you can get it at Cabelas for $129.99 and through June 21st, you can receive free shipping.

4. Wildgame Innovations


I used to not be a fan of Wildgame Innovations cameras, but it seems over the years they have improved their cameras substantially, and last year one of my best performing cameras was a Wildgame. They are some of the most easy to use cameras on the market and have multiple models that run for under $100.

5. Browning Recon Force FHD 10MP

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Browning cameras are relatively new trail cameras. I have heard lots of good things coming from people who have been using these cameras. This camera takes 10mp pictures, and can take full HD video. It has a 55 ft. detection range, and takes 8 AA batteries. Right now you can buy this on Cabelas for $99.

These five trail cameras are great choices to get that bang for your buck. They aren't necessarily top of the line cameras, but they will get the job done and are worth taking a look at this summer.

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5 Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Trail Cameras