What States Are Most Likely to Have a Deer-Car Collision?

If you want to avoid a deer collision with your car or truck, you might need to start thinking about moving to a different state.

Overall, the new 2016 deer collision stats from State Farm, as reported by the Washington Post, really break down the numbers to back up or put to rest those fears you are going to hit a deer this year. With over 1 million deer collisions a year that results in over 200 deaths, the odds are there in every state.

As you can see below, some states just have much higher chances than others that their residents could be in trouble.

Some of the numbers that really stood out to me were West Virginia with a 1 in 41 chance, Iowa at 1 in 68, and Michigan coming in at 1 in 85. For my home state of Indiana, we calculated out to 1 in 136. Considering I've already been in a vehicle either driving or riding that has hit three, I think our numbers should be readjusted.

Arizona on the other hand seems pretty safe. Only 1 in 1,064 have a chance of a deer collision. California, and Nevada are also both over 1 in 1,000. The safest however belongs to Hawaii. Only 1 in 18,955 have a chance of hitting of deer. Hawaii just has everything going for it these days, doesn't it?

Be on the lookout over these next three months. Hunters are in the woods and deer, elk, antelope, and moose are all going through their rutting periods. The mornings, evenings, and overnight hours always seem to produce the most deer accidents, so make sure your brights are on and maybe drive a little slower this year. You might come out better for it than you know.