State’s New Law Ends Banning of Specific Dog Breeds

Over 900 U.S. cities have enacted breed-specific legislation. Cities such as Denver, which resides within a state containing a state preemption law, have effectively implemented these laws as well.

When the law in Denver was passed, I personally know many families that had to move to another city as they lived with pitties. Re-homing their dogs wasn't even on the table.

I'm proud of my state, I live in Washington! Until now, 27 Washington cities have banned or restricted pit bulls and other dangerous breeds. Gov Jay. Inslee signed a bill ending the ban of specific dog breeds in the state. 

KIRO News reports that Poulsbo Rep. Sherry Appleton fought three years to pass it,

"People love these dogs. There wouldn't be so many mixes of pitties and other dogs, 22 million if they were a problem. In many of the municipalities where there are restrictions or outright bans on pit bulls, there are rural communities that have had trouble with dog fighting and it is easier to ban fighting breeds than it is to keep track of clandestine dog fighting."

We're thrilled that this new law ends breed-wide dog bans here as there are so many wonderful bully breeds and mixes that need homes.

KIRO News also shares that Rep. Appleton owned a pit bull for years.

When asked why she didn't favor leaving this up to localities as in the past, she responded. "Because it discriminates against families. If you go to move into a city, the 27 of them that ban pit bulls or pit bull mixes or dogs that look like pit bulls, then you are discriminating against the family because the family would like to move into your city."

This is exactly what happened in Denver to families I know that had to move. It was unfair to them and their beloved dogs.

The American pit bull terrier is always targeted and these breeds end up at animal shelters all the time. These dogs are called "dangerous dogs" and dog owners talk all about public safety when it comes to certain breeds of dogs.

With that in mind, any breed can be dangerous for a long list of reasons. Dog bites and dog attacks range from doxies to labradors. For some reason pit bull-type dogs are the center of the dialogue so we're proud of Washington State for stepping up and removing this ban!

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