The State of Wisconsin Loves Whitetails! Here's How They Prove It

We all want trophy deer on our property, but the state of Wisconsin is willing to go the extra mile for it.

Wisconsin is providing a public service to its landowners and sportsmen. The program is termed DMAP (Wisconsin Deer Management Assistance Program), which puts particular emphasis on helping manage whitetail deer property on private land.

Just watch how passionate they are about their whitetails and their program.

DMAP is broken down into three levels.

Level 1 is free and includes a variety of resources, technical assistance, and reports.

Level 2 requires a fee, but for good reason. This level provides on-site consultation, an individualized management plan, as well as reduced price antlerless tags.

Level 3 is for the largest parcels of land and subsequently the most expensive at $150It allows for monitoring assistance, evaluations and additional on-site visits.

The program is a great way for the state to provide overall habitat and wildlife quality while providing some incentives to private landowners.

If you are a resident, you can apply by going to the DMAP page on the Wisconsin website.