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Don't Throw Out Your Old Christmas Tree, Donate it for Fish Habitats!

Christmas tree

Don't throw that old Christmas tree to the curb. Instead, donate it to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to be turned into fish habitat. 

How does this benefit your local fish? Sinking these trees provides excellent dense cover used by a number of fish species. Small bass, crappie, bream, and baitfish love to hide in them, which in turn attract larger gamefish to feed on them.

Numerous dropoff locations are available statewide and will be available until the end of January. If you don't live in Arkansas, many states (including Kentucky) have similar programs. Simply contact your local fish and game office and ask if they accept Christmas tree donations!

As a rule, all trees must be real and not artificial. They will also need to be stripped of all ornaments, lights, and any other decorations.

If you're looking to build your own fish habitat the trees are also up for grabs to anyone looking to do so. The AGFC recommend tying cinder blocks to the trees with strong cordage to help them sink.

"Sink groups of Christmas trees together," suggested AGFC Assistant Chief of Fisheries Jason Olive to KFSM News. "Within two to three years you won't have much left except the trunks, but when we drained Lower White Oak Lake in Ouachita County recently, we saw several nice piles of Christmas tree trunks that were still good fish habitat after 12 years of being in the water."

To find the closest dropoff, area a full list off locations can be viewed here.

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Don't Throw Out Your Old Christmas Tree, Donate it for Fish Habitats!