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Massive 17-Foot Crocodile Released With Aid of Heavy Machinery

This is one big crocodile!

The crocodile is one of the most feared creatures on our planet. These monstrous reptiles are like real-life dinosaurs. Especially when they reach exceptional sizes over 12 feet in length. Such was the case with a monstrous specimen captured in 2016. At the time, Tornos News reported this massive croc was an incredible 16 feet in length!

The massive beast was captured in Matara, Sri Lanka. Officials captured the huge reptile after it entered a canal during high water. They believed the crocodile was searching for food.

Obviously, there were some real worries about this beast being in the same waters where children can play. After watching this, we can't say we blame them!

This crocodile is an absolute dinosaur. News Reports at the time said wildlife officials estimated the weight at nearly a ton. How they managed to get that crocodile into the back of that trailer alive is anyone's guess. It had to be a massive undertaking all by itself because crocodiles are incredibly strong creatures. This animal was also likely extremely old because it is not often you see one of this size.

We are guessing they released it in a part of the river well away from where people are regularly entering the water. For the most part crocodiles will try to avoid humans, but there have been some instances of man eaters in the past. Better to be safe than sorry.

In any case, we are glad the people found a way to live peacefully with such a huge reptile that probably took a very long time to reach this size.

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