Squirrel Deer Hunter
TikTok: georgeskinner526

Squirrel Invades a Deer Hunter's Blind in the Funniest Way Possible

Every deer hunter has experienced the frustration of squirrels. How a two-pound rodent can sound like a 200-pound world class buck walking through the woods is a mystery we'll never fully understand. But these furry little guys usually keep to themselves during our deer hunting exploits, so we tend not to pay a whole lot of attention to them. However, every so often, one does get a little close for comfort, as shown in this hilarious video uploaded to TikTok by user georgeskinner526.

The footage starts out innocently enough. There are two hunters in a box blind and a baby squirrel is hanging on the back wall behind one of the hunters. He pokes at the squirrel's tail a bit, trying to get it to move. What happens over the next five minutes is nothing less than full-on hilarity, as the tiny squirrel jumps onto the camo-clad hunter! The guy keeps on trying to look for deer as the woman films the squirrel literally crawling all over his head and even his face. It's a serious contender for funniest hunting video of the year.

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This hunter literally has a squirrel on his head and he's still trying to watch for that big buck! We certainly admire and understand his dedication, but we're not sure that his tenacity is going to be much help. It's probably safe to say the woman's giggling and laughing was enough to scare every deer away for hundreds of yards.

You know, if your hunt is going to be a bust, at least it was still memorable. This video instantly went viral and has been viewed more than a million times on TikTok and other social media platforms.

At the very least this is a great advertisement for the camo company. Whoever made this guy's hat and shirt should be reaching out for a sponsorship deal. In any case, it just goes to show that you don't always need to harvest or even see a deer to have a memorable time in the woods!

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