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Sportsman's Box Reminds Us How Cool Subscription Boxes Can Be, Especially Nowadays

When it's less easy to get out and shop, a Sportsman's Box subscription is not just a "next best thing." It can be a game-changer.

Several years back, when Sportsman's Box brought the popular monthly subscription box model to hunters and anglers for the first time, they were pretty much ahead of their time.

But after the COVID-19 pandemic closed down most every retail shopping opportunity, at least for a while, hunters and anglers were forced to find new ways to get their hands on the latest and greatest gear.

Folks had to get used to web purchases quickly, and in a way, Sportsman's Box (or SMB, as it's commonly called) helped them understand the value in this specialized style of gear shopping.

The unique discovery of surprising, high-quality gear specific to their interests showing up at their door each month has shown sportsmen and women how far their money really can go. And it's also helped introduce products and brands that might otherwise never show up on their radar.

On top of that, Sportsman's Box has connected their members to some of the industry's most respected companies with exclusive active member discounts through the SMB platform's Insider's Store. As long as you're an active subscriber, the shipping for an order is fully taken care of.

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The team at SMB has become obsessed with providing members with the necessary tools, access, and opportunities for more success on their next hunting trip or visit to the water, saving members time and money in the process. It's the focus on premium brands that's making a significant difference. New gear that sportsmen and women weren't aware of or wouldn't purchase themselves has become a common finding in each new box.

As Sportsman's Box continues to garner a higher demand, they're also growing their staff and expanding their resources. Growth among their staff, as well as improved customer service resources, parallel a steady increase in demand.

It's a far cry from the earlier days of the Sportsman's Box idea and company, which was launched out of the townhouse of CEO Adam Whitehead. Here he is in one of the company's earlier promotional videos, talking about the high-quality products that show up at your door in each monthly box.

At least they had the marketing angle down early!

SMB gets to know their members through a unique profile catering to their specific outdoor needs. As those needs change, members have the option to update their profile accordingly. Maybe they've moved, added a child to the family, or gotten a new dog. Those are all influential in a sportsman's lifestyle, and SMB puts the info to good use.

You have the option of selecting from three different Sportsman's Boxes, with the freedom to choose the one that fits your interest level and budget. Members also determine the frequency (monthly or quarterly) at which they would like to have their boxes shipped.

In other words, you make it what you want, and it's a win-win.

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