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Spike the Beetle Draws Pictures, And People Pay for Them


What a talented little guy. 

There is a pet stag beetle residing in Japan with a very special artistic eye. His name is Spike and the Internet is freaking out over the fact that he can hold markers and make little line drawings.

His owner Mandy simply had Spike hold a marker in his mandibles one day and the rest is history, as seen on his Tumblr.

People love watching Spike work.

And even though he is just a budding artist, his work is in high demand. Mandy put his drawings on eBay and the bid reached $366 with three days left.

The money will go to help preserve stag beetles in the wild!

Spike beetle

While some people may find Spike a bit creepy, stag beetles are actually popular pets in Japan, especially with children, due to their low maintenance.

The stag beetle gets its name from their mandibles that resemble a stag's antlers. The mandibles are used as pincers and they are actually quite strong. Mandy has been testing with other things Spike can hold:

And maybe one day Spike will get into painting.

But for now, he is content with his new-found fame as Beetle Artist of the Year in the squiggle art category.

You can follow along Spike's artistic journey on Twitter at @SpikeTheBeetle, and be sure to join the fan club by buying his art and buttons.

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This article was originally published July 12, 2017. Spike is still drawing pictures and raising money for various causes!

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