Dome Bomb Shelter
YouTube:Atlas Survival Shelters

Spacious Dome Bomb Shelter's Interior is Nicer than Most Homes

The inside of this bomb shelter is nicer than most homes.

There has been much talk about survival shelters and bomb shelters recently. Most of that is centered on the ridiculous events that just half a year of 2020 has given us. We do not expect the headlines to get any less crazy anytime soon. While most people may put some first aid kits, extra flashlights and batteries aside for disaster prep, others go completely all-out.

Some people are willing to invest hundreds of thousands into underground bomb shelters in preparation for a "SHTF" scenario.

One of the crazier bunker designs we have seen is this dome bunker built by Atlas Survival Shelters. The one in this video is above ground and is being used as a house, but this is the same layout the company sells. It is fully furnished, so it gives you a good idea of what it would be like to live in it. This bunker is designed to be buried deep underground and is nicer than most houses we have seen!

Obviously, no one WANTS to have to retreat into a bunker in an "end-of-the-world" type of scenario. But if we had to do it, yeah, we would want to live in one of these things! Those high ceilings help to open the place up significantly. Having a shelter like this would be a huge psychological advantage over other shelters that are small and boxy.

Those high ceilings have another advantage as far as storage goes. It is easy to stack stuff up high in the closets, but you could also put a roof over that kitchen. Add a ladder and there is a ton of extra storage space up there for food, water and other supplies you may need in a disaster. It is a great use of space and helps prevent the occupants from feeling too cramped.

While this shelter is way too rich for our blood, it is fun to look at. Could you survive in a shelter like this if you had to?

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