South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks

South Dakota Officials Looking for Monster Poached Buck's Head

If you know where this buck's head is, you could be in for a reward.

Hunting season is in full swing and wildlife officials currently have their hands full. So it isn't surprising that the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks have turned to the public for help to find a vital piece of a poaching case from last November.

Conservation officers say a very large buck that was poached near Irene in November of 2017.

Their investigation led them to finding the buck's body dumped near a gravel road in a remote area. The buck's head was missing.

Conservation officers did charge and prosecute an unnamed number of suspects in this case. But they still haven't located the buck's missing head, which carried a huge set of antlers believed to score in the 170-inch range.

Investigators posted photos of what they believe is the animal in question. They say they believe the head and antlers are still somewhere in the Irene area and they would like to locate them. And they're willing to offer incentive for anyone who knows anything.

"Anyone providing information leading to the location of the head may be eligible for a reward," their press release reads.

People with information are asked to contact South Dakota's anti-poaching hotline (TIPS) at 1-888-OVERBAG. Tips can also be submitted online at their website.