South Carolina Shoppers Get Shock When They Discover Alligator Under Shopping Carts
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South Carolina Shoppers Get Shock When They Discover Alligator Under Shopping Carts

South Carolina shoppers certainly got a shock when returning their shopping carts at a local Publix. They found a live alligator chilling under a group of shopping carts.

One shopper spotted the creature near the entrance of the Publix. They captured the animal just relaxing under the shopping carts on video. Fortunately, Publix was aware of the situation. Employees in the store decided to create a buffer between shoppers and the alligator. They blocked off the area with various carts as well as yellow caution tape.

Employees also stood outside monitoring the situation. They called in South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) to handle the situation. For the most part, the gator didn't seem interested in the attention that it was getting. Given how aggressive gators can be, this one seemed content to just relax out of the way. It even seemed to be trying to hide.

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This may have something to do with a previous, more violent encounter. The creature had been shot.

"One of our employees responded and saw that the alligator had a pellet in its head, that it had apparently been shot by a pellet gun," a SCDNR official wrote in an email to Fox News Digital.

Alligator At Publix

Fortunately for shoppers and the animal, an SCDNR worker managed to successfully wrangle the creature. They took it to be treated for its wound, and they released the alligator into the wild. The organization also shared some rules to abide

"If you see an alligator, stay alert and aware and do not approach it. Remain aware of your surroundings, stay away from the water's edge, and if you encounter an alligator, keep a respectful distance," They wrote.

They continued, "Feeding alligators is illegal and can result in animals that associate people with food, which increases the likelihood of negative interactions. Alligators will open their mouth, hiss. And move forward about a foot or two if they feel particularly threatened (this is called a 'bluff lunge'). Alligators are more mobile during mating season, which can increase the likelihood of encountering one on land or in a new area. Alligators eat everything from small frogs and snakes to turtles, birds, fish, and mammals like raccoons, opossums and even occasionally deer."

Meanwhile, viewers had some jokes about the situation. One wrote, "One of the few times it is acceptable to not return your cart." Another wrote, "It's fast food tonight kids."