These Boaters Find An Unconventional Way To Open A Beer — The Mouth Of An Alligator
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These Boaters Find An Unconventional Way To Open A Beer — The Mouth Of An Alligator

What's a man to do if he wants to shotgun a beer, but forgot his knife on shore? Well, these couple of bros found the answer, and it involves an alligator. It goes without saying that you shouldn't try this at home. We should probably place a Johnny Knoxville-style Jacka-- warning to the front of this.

Because while it worked out for these couple of boaters, it's also a good way to probably lose your fingers as well. In the video below, a couple of friends are on the lake together in a boat. They're drinking some brewskies and having a good time. That's when one of them gets the bright idea of using a gator to open one of their beers.

The brave soul uses his fingers as a lure for the alligator, bending over on the edge of the boat. He sticks his hand in the water, moving it around, and sure enough the gator takes the bait. We can imagine it from the alligator's point of view. It probably saw the man's arm as a quick afternoon snack. After all, the man was dangling his digits in front of the beast.

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Alligator Shotgun Beer

Sadly for the gator and fortunate for our boater, he swaps out his hand for a metallic can. The alligator tries to bite the beer can, and probably gets a mouthful of beer foam for its trouble. The boat in question then lifts the now-flowing can of beer and starts to shotgun the drink. We can only describe it as epic if stupid moment on the lake. The gator wanders off.

Of course, people had thoughts when they saw the video. One person wrote, "We saw this video in the dictionary as the definition for 'Florida.'" Another wrote, "Sorry but these boys have got nothing on the average Australian." So does that mean that Australians use crocodiles to open their beers? This certainly raises a lot of questions that I need answers to.

Another person wrote, "That's a dangerous creature. Thank God the gator is safe." Yeah that's true. And then of course, we have one person summing up the whole thing, "Impressive."