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Someone Lost Their Hunting Blind to This Curious Bull Elk

This bull elk's curiosity got the best of him when he discovered this hunting blind. 

Elk hunting brings about different challenges, yet is very rewarding once you harvest one.

However, this bull elk thought his best chance at survival was to take out the entire hunting blind.

In an odd turn of events, this bull elk is seen carrying a hunting blind on his antlers. The elk is filmed meandering through the timber in disarray, seemingly unable to see clearly because the hunting blind engulfs his headgear and blocks his vision.

Elk fight back! Steals hunters blind.

When elk fight back! This bull stole a hunters ground blind, you dont see that everyday!

Posted by RAISED HUNTING on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Though we do not know the whole story behind what happened with this big bull, its safe to assume whoever owned this blind is going to need a new one.

Likewise, hopefully this bull elk didn't carry this hunting blind around for too long. Unfortunately, the blind is making so much noise that this elk is letting everything and everyone know he's around. This doesn't bode well for this bull elk.

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Someone Lost Their Hunting Blind to This Curious Bull Elk