Colorado elk herd

Domestic Goat is Seen Hanging With Colorado Elk Herd

A domestic goat is seen hanging around a Colorado elk herd. 

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted a video of a group of bull elk crossing a road. Oddly enough a domestic goat was also filmed hanging around the Colorado elk herd.

The group of animals was seen just west of Loveland, and according to the Loveland Reporter-Herald the little black goat and the elk have been spotted multiple times by residents. They're apparently herding together along U.S. Highway 34, Glade Road, and in neighborhoods on the west side of Devil's Backbone.

Wildlife officials state this is obviously unfamiliar animal behavior. However, both goats and elk are herd animals, but there hasn't been one single explanation.

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One person even claimed that he witnessed the elk protecting the goat from a coyote. This gives even more evidence as to why the goat hangs with the Colorado elk herd.

Residents are referring to the little black goat as a local legend. One question that seems to remain unanswered is where the goat actually came from.

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