M240 Machine Gun
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Soldier Dual-Wields M240 Machine Guns During Range Time

Soldier dual-wields M240s at the range, just because he can.

The mighty M240 machine gun has been a staple of the armed services since the 1970s. This Belgium-designed firearm is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, which gives the gas-operated gun plenty of stopping power. While the gun is sometimes carried into battle by soldiers, it is also often mounted on tanks like the M1 Abrams or Humvees and MRAPs (Mine resistant ambush protected vehicles).

The M240 has an effective range out beyond 800 yards and it can fire anywhere from 600 to 900 rounds per minute depending on the setup and type of ammo.

Simply put, it's a serious tool used by our men and women in uniform and one no one wants to be on the opposite end of. With that said, today's video features a soldier firing not one, but TWO M240s simultaneously at the range. We are not sure what prompted this little experiment. All we know is that this is the coolest and most American thing you will see all day!

Why? Well, we think they just wanted to see if this really was possible. Or just to say they did it. Hey, our troops probably get a little homesick and a little bored sometimes while on base overseas, they're entitled to a little fun in our minds. If that means blowing through a lot of ammo in a hurry, we're all for it.

In case you were wondering, depending on the exact variant, the M240 weighs anywhere from 25 to a whopping 27 pounds. That's without an ammo belt hanging off it. That just makes this feat of one-handing these weapons even more impressive. As you saw, someone had to stop his backwards momentum from the recoil of that 7.62x51mm ammo leaving the muzzle at up to 2,800 feet per second.

Considering all that, he did a pretty good job of controlling them. Thanks for your service sir and for giving us this most entertaining video!

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