male black wolf

So You're Telling Me That's the Same Black Wolf?

A black wolf reportedly wandering from Wyoming to Montana was later shot by a hunter. 

A black wolf that was a part of a pack of five was legally shot by a hunter Friday. This pack reportedly traveled from Wyoming to Joliet, Montana. Although not for certain, the male wolf contained several similar features to the wolf seen in a video circulating the internet.

The wolf pack traveled along Highway 72, presenting sightings to the public for some time. They traveled between the Wyoming state line and Belfry.

According to the Montana Wolf Hunting and Trapping Facebook page, the video takes place in North Joliet in Carbon County. On Friday, the pack traversed closer to Joliet, the same general area where a hunter shot a black male wolf.

Montana wolf season lasts until March 15. No one has seen the pack since, and none of the wolves are collared to show where they are.

Since the season opened in September, 186 wolves have been trapped or shot.

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