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So an Ice Fisherman Ties His Tent to Your Shanty, What Do You Do?

An ice fisherman went out to prep his ice shanty and found this guy tied to it. He even drilled holes right next to it. Now what?

Whether the water is frozen or not, this situation or one like it has occurred to every fisherman out there.

You've got a spot staked out and another fisherman pulls up to get in on the action. It's just that this time it's out on the ice, and this fellow with the hood on, smoking a cigarette, has tied his tent right to the ice house that's already there!

Put on your arguing shoes and watch this:

We like to keep a positive vibe, but just wow. Went out to prep one of our old sleepers.......found some new neighbours! Even tied their hut to ours......

Posted by Hot Box Huts on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The most obvious thing is that it is a public lake and everyone has the right to fish, and fish wherever they want.

But then there is this thing called ethics.

If you're fishing in a boat or out on the ice and other folks want to fish nearby, so be it. It's just that if someone tried to tie their boat to yours so they could fish right next to you would you let them??

The person taking the video was not there when the other guy set up so does that make it ok? What if he hadn't come out at all?  Part of the problem when you leave a shanty on the ice is that other people think it must be 'the spot'

Another big issue for ice anglers is when others leave holes and garbage around after leaving... like cigarette butts.

What do you think? Is this just a part of the hardwater experience, or is this guy a trespassing?


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So an Ice Fisherman Ties His Tent to Your Shanty, What Do You Do?