This Nostalgic Snoopy Dog Bowl Will Never Go Out of Style

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Who could forget Charlie Brown's famous white and black beagle, Snoopy!

There's no denying that the Peanuts Gang had some of the most famous fictional characters ever. From Woodstock to Charlie Brown, there was a character near and dear to everyone's heart. One of the most beloved cartoon dogs is definitely Snoopy. As Charlie Brown's dog, Snoopy was always sleepy, unbothered, yet loyal dog, similar to real-life Beagles.

Whether you have a pet Beagle or if you love Peanuts gang collectibles, you must check out this Snoopy dog food bowl!

3D Ceramic Snoopy Dog Bowl | Zooz Pets

This Snoopy pet bowl from Amazon is simply adorable and will be your new favorite pet dish! The unique design resembles the iconic dog and adds a splash of personality to your home. How cute would it be to see your Beagle eating out of this Snoopy dog bowl during suppertime!

This feeding bowl holds up to 1 cup of food or water, so it is great for small pets. It is important to know that customer reviews say that this dish is best for small dogs, and it is not recommended for large dogs.

I love that this bowl has enough blank space to where it can be personalized. You can use a label machine or a Cricut and put your furry friend's name on the side of the bowl.

Many stainless steel dog bowls are easy to tip over, and some plastic pet feeders can contain BPA and harsh chemicals. If you have a collection of pet bowls, then you know that the ones made of stoneware usually last longer. This food dish is made with ceramic, so it won't skid or spill, and it is also safer for your pet. Not to mention it is dishwasher safe!

This Snoopy dog bowl makes a great gift for anyone who has a Peanuts collection. One Amazon customer commented that they don't even have a pet, but because they love the Peanuts so much, they are using this as a holder for their car keys!

This article was originally published August 10, 2021

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