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SMLE MKIII Infantry From Battlefield 1 vs. the Real Gun

Some guns from video games are pretty realistic, others... not so much. John Hickok compares the SMLE MKIII Infantry from Battlefield 1 to the real thing.

First person shooters are often riddled with inconsistencies, but are they limited to the amount of bullets one human body can take before finally succumbing, or are the guns in video games also slightly unrealistic? To put that question to the test, John Hickok, takes one of the weapons from Battlefield 1 and puts it to the test. Take a look below as he shoots the 100+ year old SMLE MKIII Infantry and compares it to what he's seen in the video game.

So, the SMLE MKIII Infantry in Battlefield I is actually very accurately depicted according to Hickok. Of course it's not absolutely perfect, but it's amazing how close they actually managed to get. Not only is the gun almost dead on when it comes to appearance, but they way the gun is held, and shoots, is remarkably on target.

It's still up for debate if all video games, or even all of the weapons in Battlefield I are this realistic, but even so, it's nice to see that at least this part of the job is almost dead on when it comes to realism.

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