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Watch: Genius Hack Uses DeWalt Toolbox as DIY Camp Kitchen Box

If you’re tired of rummaging through a disorganized bin full of all your camp equipment, look no further.

Having a dialed camp kitchen setup makes car camping easier by leaps and bounds, but mastering the kitchen kit can take a fair amount of trial and error. Even after you figure out what to stock your camp kitchen with, the hardest part seems to be how to organize it all.

In a genius video posted on TikTok, one camper shows us a really smart hack: using a DeWalt toolbox to organize everything one needs for a camp kitchen inside a compact, durable container that even has wheels already attached.

"I know I've seen a lot of you giving tours of your camp boxes or your bins but let me level this up for you a little bit," TikTok user @celesterosemusic says before introducing us to Walter, the DeWalt toolbox home to her camp kitchen.

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Might just have the best camp box set up out there ?????? #camping #campbox #campsetup

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As she opens up Walter for the camera in a camp-elegant display of its contents, she says, "Basically, there is ultimate storage possibilities."

And it really does seem pretty versatile. Her fiancé goes through the box, showing the organization system they currently have. It includes:

  • "Long items" and easy-to-grab items in the top, which can be opened just from the top lid without opening the whole box.
  • "Items that can be grouped together" in the middle small compartments.
  • Big items in the larger bottom storage.

He says the arrangement is still a work in progress, but overall it seems to be pretty well organized.

The idea of using a toolbox like this with built-in compartments and organizational capabilities seems genius. And just from a brief look, Walter seems as if he can hold a lot.

These toolboxes aren't cheap; but at roughly $90, they cost around what camp kitchen boxes on the market do. Plus, it's durable and on heavy-duty wheels made to navigate outdoor terrain for less lugging on your part. (Note: Craftsman makes a nearly identical model that'll work just as well.)

We get a closer look at just what Walter's true potential is when Celeste Rose shows us Part 2, where we learn more about the contents of what's held within.


Here?s all the junk we have in our camp box! Let me know if you think we?re missing anything! #camping #campbox #campsetup

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Celeste Rose walks through all the specifics of how this duo organizes their brilliant camp kitchen. The toolbox holds everything you might expect: utensils, dishware, fuel, pots and pans, washcloths, soap, and plenty more. It even has space for emergency equipment such as a compass, fire starter, and emergency blanket—since it's best to be prepared when heading outdoors.

The only questionable aspect of this organization is why the bug spray is kept with the spices. But hey, if you're running out of space in your camp-toolbox-kitchen, one comment on the Part 1 video tells us there are stackable add-ons, too.

This couple clearly knows what they're doing when it comes to camping. If you want to see more, they made a Part 3 video to let viewers know their outside-the-box (literally) camp essentials.


Replying to @Celeste Rose Music here?s Part 3 of what we bring camping! #camping #campbox #campsetup

? original sound - Celeste Rose Music

Camping can come with a lot of logistical challenges, but organizing your kitchen doesn't have to be one of them. If you're looking to really level up like CelesteRoseMusic, it might be time to ditch the plastic bin and invest in a stackable toolbox.

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