MUST SEE: Incredible 53-Second Slow-Motion Video of Flintlock Firing on an Armored Breastplate

Revel in this stunning slow motion video of a flintlock musket firing at an armored breastplate. See the amazing impact of lead striking steel.

This beautiful slo-mo video is just poetry in motion. It's nothing more than 53 seconds of a close up of a flintlock musket firing, in a shower of sparks and flame, at a dummy strapped with an armored breastplate or old style metal cuirass.

The cuirass is of the kind worn by Spanish Conquistadors, and we can clearly see how effective such body armor would have been against a musket ball.

The impact is spectacular!

As a dragon's breath of fire leaves the muzzle of the black powder musket we see the ball striking the center of the breastplate and literally shattering into a shower of broken pieces of lead.

The main body of the bullet remains intact and, after leaving a good sized dent in the armor, simply bounces off, flattened like a pancake but presumably leaving the wearer no less the worse for the impact.

It's a beautiful video, one that I've watched several times, and one that I'm sure you will watch a few times as well.

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