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5 Reasons You Should Own Body Armor

There are good reasons for you to own body armor, and to use it or wear it when appropriate. 

Colion Noir gives some cogent reasons for why it’s a good idea to have body armor on hand and accessible. I must admit, I had not thought of all of these before, especially the second reason.

Let’s run through the reasons why Noir thinks owning body armor is a good idea.

1. Home Defense

Keeping a set of body armor near your bed will help when things that go bump, or crash, in the night. It only takes a few seconds to slip on a body armor vest, grab your gun and set up a defensive position in your bedroom.

2. Active Shooter – Conceal Carry

I like this one. Slip a plate of armor into the back of your everyday carry backpack. Then, should an active shooter scenario suddenly develop, simply swing the backpack around to your front or hand it off to a friend or loved one to use as a shield. Brilliant!

3. Civil UnRest/Apocalypse/SHTF

It doesn’t take long for things to devolve when things start to devolve. Be it a riot or a protest turned violent, there’s no reason to head outside without being equipped and protected as much as possible. “Very permanent things can happen in temporary situations,” warns Noir.

4. Road Trip

Carry a set of armor in your vehicle. Our roadways have become the locations for protests, demonstrations, terrorist attacks and other ugly scenarios. Having armor on hand and accessible in your vehicle just makes good sense.

5. Because You Hate Guns

“Look, if you don’t like guns and want nothing to do with them, you have every right to make less than smart decisions with your life. But I can’t think of a more passive way to protect yourself from being shot, than owning body armor,” says Noir. “You’ve got nothing to lose.”

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5 Reasons You Should Own Body Armor