slingshot-knife combo
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It's a Knife! Wait, no, it's a Slingshot... it's Both?

A new multi-purpose tool revealed at SHOT Show 2017 is a slingshot-knife combo, but is it actually a useful tool? Discover it here.

TOPS Knives has unveiled a new multi-purpose tool at SHOT Show 2017, and let's just say it's getting mixed reviews. The new muti-purpose tool seems to have two primary purposes, making the slingshot-knife combo slightly limited on the multi-purpose spectrum. Some reviewers have commented on this limitation, while others think it's a remarkably good and simple hunting weapon.

Here's a video so you can decide for yourself:

One of the biggest complaints about the slingshot-knife combo is the fact that the slingshot bits would almost always be in the way or in danger of being in the way while cutting.

Also, some folks say it would be illegal for them to carry this tool where they live. Of course, there are also a lot of people who are excited about the piece and are looking forward to possibly using it as a small game tool, or possibly in preparation for a survival situation.

What do you think? Good combo, or two things that just don't mix?

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