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Why Havalon's Evolve Multi-Tool is a Must-Have

Havalon has changed the knife game with their new multi-tool. The Evolve is everything you need and still carries the razor-sharp tradition of Havalon.

We hunt, we fish, and we work. Why not carry something in your pocket that is going to be there all the time and work in every situation? Havalon set out to create that product, and it seems to be a home run.

I have carried a pocket knife for as long as I can remember. Once my father saw me as fit and responsible enough to have a knife, I had one clipped to my jean pocket, ready for action. And that hasn't changed to this day, except now I carry the Evolve, and for good reason.

1. It is a Multi-Tool

Knives are very handy and can be used for many things. But sometimes things pop up where you need more than just a blade, and that is why a multi-tool is effective. The Evolve has many awesome features and pieces, which I list below.

Sportsman Warehouse
Sportsman Warehouse

?--? 6 standard 60A blades and 2 new Piranta
replaceable saw blades
?--? Fixed Gut Hook
?--? Universal Bit Driver (comes with a flathead and
Phillips bit, but will fit any standard sized bit)
?--? Storage for two additional bits
?--? Pliers/wire cutters
?--? Carabineer clip
?--? Havalon Zipper Holster
?--? Fits all styles of Piranta Blades

All that in your pocket? Yeah... it's kind of a big deal.

2. Compact Size

More times than not, when you have a multi-tool, you are looking at a big bulky hunk of metal that is uncomfortable in your pants pocket. The Evolve is nice and compact and slips into your jeans unnoticed.


Not very often can you carry a multi-tool and have it feel like any normal pocket knife stashed on your hip.

3. Mechanically Sound and Durable

Sometimes you can just tell when things are built to last. The Evolve is a very sturdy tool and designed well. Each piece and function of the knife is very fluid and locks into place in a crisp manner. Personally, this is my favorite characteristic of the knife.

As corny as it sounds, you can really feel the high product quality when opening each facet of the knife. The Evolve will be your go to for a long time. Built to last.

4. Sleek Design and Great Look

Let's be honest, we always like our equipment when it looks cool. Most multi-tools I have ever owned have all looked the same. Silver, bulky, and boring. The Evolve is none of those, and it has a very distinct look.

A metallic black, combined with interesting cuts and ridges, makes it look like a mini-transformer. Style points, check.


5. Oh So Sharp

Last but not least, the knife blades sharpness can only be described in one way... oh so sharp. The only way Havalon knows how to make them.

If you have used a Havalon knife before, you are hooked, and if you haven't, you are missing out. Havalon knives stemmed from a medical blade company. So the sharpness is second to none. If you have utilized their products in the field before, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The blades will literally slice your finger off if you are not paying attention. Last September was the first experience I had with a Havalon blade, and I will never carry a different brand of knife again. That much sharpness on a multi-tool?

Sign me up.


In just a few short months of carrying the tool, I have seen its capabilities and then some. I have changed the light switches in the house using only it, cut bluegill scraps for catfishing, and skinned and caped two whitetail bucks, and so on and so on.

The Evolve multi-tool has changed the game and my standards for a great knife.

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Why Havalon's Evolve Multi-Tool is a Must-Have