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Sleeping Canadian Soldier Gets Rude Wake-Up from Artillery Crew

This Canadian soldier gets a rude wakeup call!

Who doesn't love a good practical joke now and then? Soldiers have a stressful job already and a good laugh helps for easing the tension at times.

This video, which is said to feature a Canadian artillery crew, turns out to be one heck of a prank.

One soldier has fallen asleep on the job. Which isn't a good idea with a giant artillery gun nearby. His fellow troops take advantage of the situation to give him a rather loud and rude wake up call!

What you have here is the world's most expensive alarm clock!

The lesson here is to never fall asleep anywhere there is a training exercise going on with a tank, artillery gun or other large ordinance around. This makes for one of the most epic pranks we've ever seen. We're sure this man's fellow soldiers never get tired of replaying the footage every chance they get.

We're by no means experts on this sort of thing, but from a little Internet sleuthing, it appears that might be an M777 howitzer these troops are using. If that's the case, that's a 6-inch, 155mm gun! The M777 has an incredible range. It can hit targets up to 15 miles away. A gun that large is going to be especially loud. A video is never going to be good at conveying the real sound of a gun like this, but we imagine this poor soldier's ears might have been ringing a bit after this. Do you think he was even able to hear his fellow soldiers laughing at him?

We think it is safe to say this soldier never did that again while out in the field!

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