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Slash Arrows Discuss New INSetBlade Bolts at the 2017 ATA Show

Slash Arrows with INSetBlade Technology are arrows with built in expandable blades that I just had to see with my own eyes to understand.

When it comes to my archery equipment, I shoot and test consistently to see what works best for me. Results speak for themselves, but to get results, you have to get people to try it first.

I first learned of the Slash Arrows INSet Blade a little over a year ago and since I was at the ATA Show in Indianapolis in 2017, I had to make sure I stopped at their booth to take a firsthand look at their arrows.

I was told by someone who has tried them before that they perfect the idea of FOC in arrow flight and show extreme accuracy. Accuracy is always important, but there are other factors that go into creating a product, especially an arrow that someone can shoot.

We got to speak to David Hand, CEO of Slash Arrows, to discuss a little bit about the idea behind the arrow and give us an insight at what's new for 2017.

SLASH Arrows with InsetBlade Technology introduced new for 2017 their SLASH Carbon Bolt. The SLASH Carbon Bolt features the INsetBlade Technology unlike any other bolt on the market. As you may have caught in the background of the video, it creates a 275 percent larger wound channel than other broadheads.

For more information or to purchase Slash Arrows be sure to visit their website.

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