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Skating the Backcountry of Alaska's Winter Landscape


Would you have thought that skating could be so scenic, so full of grandeur, so magnificent?

Here's a video that is pure eye candy for lovers of both skating and wilderness landscapes.

Vast expanses of frozen lakes and rivers in Alaska, peppered with big and small chunks of ice and snow, become huge arenas and narrow obstacle courses for skaters to practice their skills upon.

I don't suppose you have to be a skater to really enjoy viewing this though. I'm not, and I found the video to be quite exhilarating.

Again, I'm no skater, but I imagine that you'd have to have some advanced level of skill to traverse some of these courses. Give me the wide open frozen lakes, where there is no crowded competition for space and falling down is not going to stop the flow of movement.

This video just goes to show that people who live in cold northern climates really know how to make use of and enjoy the great outdoors, even when many people lock themselves indoors during the long winter months.

I think it's absolutely fantastic. It sure beats skating at the city ice rink, as far as I'm concerned.

Now, check out how this homemade motorized "snowmobile" scoots across the ice.

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Skating the Backcountry of Alaska's Winter Landscape