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'A Winter Pike Saga' - A Beautiful Ice Fishing Film

"A Winter Pike Saga" sets a standard for all ice fishing videos to strive for. It's a lush film, full of feeling...and big pike.

"This is what winter should look like everyday." That's what the text accompanying this video, "A Winter Pike Saga," boldly declares.

Yes, yes it should. Winter should look like this every day.

FreeWater Pictures has released another fantastic fishing video. Although "fishing video" almost seems a crass term for what, in my opinion, would more properly be called an art film. "A Winter Pike Saga" is as professionally filmed and edited, as visually stunning and as artistically expressive as any short film.

And of course there are pike, big pike, to be caught through the ice.

The group of Swedish friends who make FreeWater Pictures also describe the video simply: "Two magical days pike fishing in Hälsingland visiting our friend Victor Gustavsson."

Hälsingland is a province in central Sweden. They describe the lake they're fishing as small, shallow, and loaded with baitfish. It is also populated with big northern pike, which, if you've seen other FreeWater Pictures films, you know is a favorite quarry of these passionate anglers.

This is not a how-to or instructional fishing video. It's a film about how great ice fishing with friends can be, especially when the fish are hungry and fat. With a variety of camera angles and points of view, motion changes, and an excellent soundtrack, there's a ton of depth and personality to "A Winter Pike Saga."

You know it's a great video when you can't wait to get out onto the ice even more than you usually can't wait to get out onto the ice.

Yes indeed, this is what winter should look like every day.

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'A Winter Pike Saga' - A Beautiful Ice Fishing Film