YouTube: Doug Wegner Fishing

Lucky Anglers Boat Six Muskies in One Afternoon of Fishing

These anglers have an incredible day on the water for muskies.

They call the muskie the "Fish of 10,000" casts for a reason. It isn't easy to hook one of these legendary, toothy predators. Many anglers have gone their whole lives failing to catch one. Of course, it really depends on the water you are fishing and the conditions. Because if you can find the right combination, things can get magical fast.

That's exactly what Doug Wegner and Jessie Baker discover in this incredible fishing video shot on Lake of the Woods. The fish are just starting to stage up for a fall feeding frenzy and these two find themselves in the right place at the right time to take advantage.

Because they end up catching six total muskies over the course of an afternoon. A few of those bites come on the thrilling figure eight too. This is the type of day fishing dreams are made from.

There is a reason Lake of the Woods is one of the most legendary spots on the planet for muskie fishing. The fall is the perfect time to target them since the changing water temperatures trigger the fish to start feeding on baitfish like crazy. It seems Jess happened into the perfect pattern with that large, perch-colored jerkbait. Talk about some wild action!

This video does not even demonstrate the largest fish one can catch on this lake. The largest fish of the day was just a hair under 50 inches. They didn't act too excited about these fish, but we certainly would be! What a day of fishing to remember!

And so much for the old tales about this fish being nearly impossible to catch. It just goes to show that if you find the right pattern and locate the right fish, anything is possible. Congrats on an amazing day on the water Doug and Jess!

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