Snake Lure Muskie
YouTube: NDYakAngler

Snake Topwater Lure Helps Kayak Angler Boat a Muskie

Why aren't there more snake lures?

Every angler knows that pike and muskie have seemingly insatiable appetites. These predatory fish are known to eat anything and everything that will fit down their gullet. Small fish, frogs, lizards, baby ducks and geese, and more are all on the menu on a regular basis. Even other pike and muskie are on the menu, these fish are shameless cannibals.

In some places, there are a lot of snakes swimming around in the water. Surely these slithery reptiles have found themselves as another link in the food chain at some point or another by these fish.

Some anglers have considered this possibility. In today's video, NDYakAngler heads out with an interesting snake surface lure to test if these fish will attack a snake. It is a bit of a slow day of fishing, but he manages to garner some interest from a few muskie in some exciting topwater action.

Considering that the muskie is also called "the fish of 10,000 casts," any day you can boat two of them is a good day on the water in our book! That second muskie absolutely smacked that snake lure, even though it was close to the angler's kayak. That seems to confirm that muskies will consider a snake for dinner if the opportunity presents itself.

The action on this snake lure was excellent too. If you have ever witnessed a snake swimming, it undulates through the water exactly as this lure was demonstrating. We have really come to enjoy NDYakAngler's videos recently here at Wide Open Spaces. We have seen his fans comment that he is like "the Bob Ross of fishing," and we must agree. That laid-back attitude and excellent fishing action is a perfect combination for a relaxing video.

We are curious to see him take this snake lure out and use it some more. If it caught muskie, it should also catch pike. It will probably also catch bass and any other species that might consider a snake for a snack. Snake lures probably will not become the next spinnerbait anytime soon, but they do seem to make for a fun diversion now and then when you have gotten bored with other lures.

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