buck knives 640 xl

6 Longtime Buck Employees Collaborate on New Knife Design

Buck Knives has six employees who all have at least 40 years of service, so together, they designed and made the 640 XL Knife.

Buck Knives is one of the oldest, most respected knife brands in the hunting industry. Most people have owned a Buck at some point in their lives.

Tradition is a big part of the brand's culture, so six of its employees, each with at least 40 years on the job, came together to design a knife.

Take a look.

They named this model the 640 XL. Why? Well, there were six employees, 40 years of service: 640. The serial number, 259, represents the total number of years the six employees have combined. Taking it one step further, the roman numerals "XL" also represent the number 40.

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