Sitka/Justin Turkowski

Sitka Films Spotlights a Bowhunting Surfer Doing 'The Last Punk Rock Thing Left'

What is "The last punk rock thing left?" Ask Mark Healey, big wave surfer and big game bowhunter.

Sitka Films seems to always tap into some of the greatest parts of being a sportsman, and their latest release profiles Mark Healey, a professional surfer, accomplished spear fisherman, and stuntman.

He also happens to dabble in spearfishing and bowhunting, and the way he goes about his business serves as a model for the rest of us. For Healey, it's about more than the hunt or the dive. It's about connecting with both the land and the water in a way that can return the favor.

It's about reaping the rewards of hard work, and turning them into something you can enjoy well beyond the actual experience.

Sitka/Christa Funk

The notion of a punk rock lifestyle starts to materialize the more you see and hear what Mark is all about. With the way the world's moving, accumulating your own sustenance is becoming a thing of the past. Opening yourself up to the elements of nature and exposing your vulnerabilities are foreign to a large chunk of the Earth's population.

We could all learn a thing or two from Healey's punk rock ways.

Sitka has released both videos of the two-part series, as well as a written account of Mark's adventurous attitude to accentuate exactly what it means to be doing the last punk rock thing left.

Here are both Parts 1 and 2.

Here's a snippet from the article on Sitka's website written by Adam Skolnick:

Healey hunts to keep his footprint light on the earth, to help protect Maui's rich and fragile ecology from a proliferating axis deer population, and to be as connected as possible to the harsh reality and all-encompassing beauty that is nature. He hunts because, as he puts it, we're in an age where most of us don't feel part of the ecosystem and are removed from the farming and killing that goes into the meals we casually devour. He aims to be just feral enough to read the wind and tides, and the moods and preferences of wild animals, in order to feed himself, his family and his friends, because it's "the last punk rock thing left."

Sitka/Justin Turkowski

Healey hunts and fishes to not only provide for himself in a self-sufficient way, but to be able to share the fruits of his labor with friends and family. Whether it's a venison burger made from axis deer meat and grilled to perfection, or pan-seared wahoo fillets cooked with lemon and capers, Healey isn't skimping on anything.

Maybe learning Healey's message is transforming our typical idea of what "punk rock" actually means, but it's doing so in a way that speaks to the steward in all of us.

If we don't preserve some of these tenets and traditions, the last punk rock thing left may not last much longer.

People like Healey are doing what they can to save it, and make it even more important as the years pass.

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