SIONYX Nightwave

SIONYX Launches Nightwave Marine Camera System

This ultra low-light marine camera system safely maximizes mariner time on water.

Staying out on a boat past dark can be dangerous and even deadly. Mariners typically have to cut their time on the water short or risk collision with other boats, markers, or land formations. Expensive thermal cameras have lots of limitations and can only pick up heat signatures, so certain obstacles are still a threat. SIONYX has the solution.

Built around the company's proprietary Black Silicon BSI CMOS sensor, the new Nightwave specifically allows boaters to navigate through near-darkness and spot potential hazards on the water. The <1 millilux moonless starlight night vision capability equates to visibility well beyond human eyesight, plus the ability to detect a man-sized object from 150 meters away.

The wide 44 degree field of view boosts situational awareness in treacherous conditions and prevents unexpected run ins with other vessels, obstacles, and debris.

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With nothing more than moonless starlight, the Nightwave provides incredible color night vision for mariners of all skill levels.

"Developing solutions to increase safety on the water and navigate with confidence is part of our mission," Gio Lepore, Global Product Line Manager for SIONYX, said in a recent release. "Nightwave's digital color night vision allows anglers and boaters to be active on the water as early or as late at night as they'd like. This technology provides clear color images in near-total darkness and is simple to install and operate. It should be a standard piece of equipment on every vessel to ensure a safe trip at any time."

The Nightwave can connect directly to your boat's onboard console via analog video output or stream video to your mobile device via its built-in WiFi and the companion app. It streams 1080 x 720 HD (H.264) video at an impressive rate of 30 frames per second.

Users can keep their Nightwave current with the latest software releases and firmware updates available via the SIONYX mobile app.

Boasting an IP67 rating, the Nightwave is waterproof, dust-resistant, and sand-resistant. While not intended for underwater use, it is submersible up to three feet for up to 30 minutes.

Easy to install and flexible to adapt, the Nightwave comes with permanent standard mounts and hardware, a 1/4"-20 mount interface, and a mounting template. It affixes to any flat surface on a boat, and ball-up or ball-down orientation options allow for customization.

Each Nightwave package includes the following:

  • SIONYX Nightwave Ultra Low-Light Marine Camera
  • Power/Video Cable
  • BNC to RCA Adapter
  • 2A Inline Fuse
  • Removable Mounting Base
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Mounting Gasket
  • Mounting Template

Set to release this spring, the SIONYX Nightwave will retail for $1,595 and is currently available for preorder at Among all the marine electronics you can add to your vessel, Nightwave should be high on your wish list.

Digital vs. Thermal Night Vision

While most outdoorsmen are at least somewhat familiar with the concept of night vision — like TV personalities hog hunting in Texas with thermal cameras — digital night vision is new to many.

SIONYX compares the technology to a superpower that allows you to see clear as day in dark nighttime conditions. It requires just a small amount of ambient light, such as moonlight or starlight, to work. It starts with either a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor sensor (CMOS) or Charge Coupled Device (CCD,) the same technology employed by all digital cameras. The digital image is enhanced, and larger CMOS or CCD sensor pixel sizes perform better to magnify light even in those low-light conditions.

Conversely, thermal imaging doesn't require any ambient light and picks up heat signatures. So while it can offer better detection ranges, thermal imaging can't hold a candle to the resolution of digital night vision. Making out specific details or differentiating objects at similar temperatures is extremely difficult, and quality thermal optics can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

To learn more about how night vision works, you can download a free guide from SIONYX.


The digital night vision technology from SIONYX spans far beyond boating and hunting applications. SIONYX devices are commonly used in commercial, medical, law enforcement, and defense applications. Headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, SIONYX works with the United States Department of Defense and recently secured a $20 million contract with the U.S. Army for digital night vision cameras as a part of the Integrated Visual Augmentation System program.

The company's popular Aurora series harnesses SIONYX innovation in versatile, compact digital night vision cameras. Check out these models:

  • Aurora: Touted as the world's first color digital night vision camera, featuring an integrated compass, GPS, and accelerometer
  • Aurora Pro: The company's flagship full color digital night vision model, equipped with the most advanced sensor technology and enhanced optics
  • Aurora Black: A more affordable model designed with law enforcement in mind
  • Aurora Sport: The most affordable night vision camera in the SIONYX lineup and intended for use in coastal environments

If you're unsure which model will best suit your pursuit, check out the spec comparison here.