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New Maven B1.2 Binoculars and RF.1 Rangefinder Pair Well as a Bowhunter's Go-To

These user-friendly optics are more than just hype. Check out the Maven B1.2 Binoculars and RF.1 Rangefinder.

Although I have the privilege of testing tons of the best bowhunting gear each year, I'm a creature of habit. Unless the latest and greatest advancements truly impresses me, I like to stick with what I'm already comfortable using — optics included. But putting a couple Maven Optics pieces through the paces has me ready to switch up my glass.

Maven B1.2 10x42 Binoculars

As the brand's elite high-end optics line, the Maven B Series binoculars can compete with the best in the business thanks to premium materials and top-of-the-line technology.

I had the opportunity to field the new Maven B1.2 this fall, and the binos lived up to their reputation.

An update on their flagship B1 model, the new B1.2 features a wider field of view, improved lens coatings, a more lightweight and compact construction, and a larger Schmidt-Pechan prism for even better performance than its predecessor. As someone who's serious about their archery tags, I really like the wide angle perspective ad the overall quality of the glass.

The binoculars have extra low dispersion ED glass, fully multi-coated lenses, excellent clarity, and an ultra smooth focus mechanism. Plus, they're tripod adaptable and easy to attach quickly and smoothly.

I used the binos on a cold winter morning amid snowfall, and the lenses didn't fog. I didn't have to worry about damaging them either, thanks to their waterproof construction. They performed well even at very low light and were incredibly easy to bring into focus. The eye relief cups made them comfortably easy to use. Compared to other binos I've used over the past couple decades, these were some of the most user-friendly.

My hunting partner picked the pair up and immediately commented on their impressive quality — and I had to agree.

While I strictly used mine for hunting whitetails, Maven also recommends the all-purpose B1.2 for birdwatching or general wildlife viewing as well.

B1.2 binoculars are available in black/gray or orange/gray colorways, in 8x42mm at $900 or 10x42mm at $950. Each pair comes with lens caps, a neoprene neck strap, and a double-layered microfiber storage bag.

Maven B1.2 Specs:

  • Magnification: 8x, 10x
  • Objective lens diameter: 42mm
  • Light transmission: 93.95% (8x), 94.50% (10x)
  • Eye relief: 18.1mm (8x) 17.8mm (10x)
  • Dimensions: 5.2" x 5.7" x 2.2"
  • Weight: 26.8 ounces

If B Series binos are just outside your budget, check out the more affordable, mid-range C Series from Maven, which still boasts lightweight construction, high-quality glass, and long-lasting durability. I've tested some binoculars from this collection in the past as well. Although I prefer the B Series slightly, the C Series is certainly worthy of consideration.

Maven RF.1 Rangefinder

Maven debuted the RF.1 last year, and the angle-compensating rangefinder has a loyal following already. It features obstruction filter functionality, five different reticles, and five brightness levels for peak performance in nearly any conditions.

The Field/Forest function allows users to quickly switch modes based on surroundings. Field mode is ideal for ranging small targets (and ignoring large objects in the background), while Forest mode is designed for ranging animals and objects behind brush, trees, or precipitation.

It's a bit bigger and heavier than my other rangefinders, but it's worth the added weight and bulk, especially for treestand hunting where every ounce isn't quite as critical. The ergonomic feel also makes it easier to handle in my small hands. It ranges faster than any other I've used, and the display is easy to read.

With the ability to range deer up to 2,700 yards, trees to 3,000 yards, and reflective surfaces to 4,500 yards, the RF.1 is great for everything from bowhunting to rifle hunting to long-range shooting.

The RF.1 has sold out more than once, but when you can snag one in stock, it's available in black/gray or orange/gray for $400. It comes with a battery preinstalled, a wrist strap, and a double-layered microfiber storage bag.

Maven RF.1 Specs:

  • Minimum range: 5 yards
  • Maximum range: 4,500 yards
  • Magnification: 7x
  • Battery type: CR2
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.1" x 1.8"
  • Weight: 10 ounces (with battery)

Why Maven?

In addition to just building truly dependable glass, Maven also backs all optics with an unconditional lifetime warranty. According to their website, it is pretty comprehensive:

"We don't care where or when you bought it or if it was your fault or not — if it says Maven, we will take care of it."

Maven's direct to consumer model means customers can enjoy better price points without the markup from a middleman. And if you're someone who has to try before you buy, you can get a demo unit from Maven to experience the optics for yourself before making a long-term investment. Loaners are available for two-week periods, then you can ship them back and place your order once you're impressed.

Maven also offers customization options at where you can choose colors, accents, and engraving, so you can build the exact one-of-a-kind optics you want.