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Video: How to Build an Air-Powered Arrow Gun

There's no need to spend $1,000 on an arrow gun when you can build your own for a few bucks.

For just a little of your time and minimal cost, you can build your very own air-powered arrow gun and impress all of your friends.

Every person should have one of these hanging on the wall, whether it's in a man cave or she shed.

It's not a crossbow. It isn't an airgun. However, it kind of does fall in between, so maybe we can call it an "airbow?"

However, while you've probably never seen one of these, we can assure you this archery tool really uses compressed air to fire arrows accurately.

Watch the video below to see the airbow for yourself:

Most of this equipment can be picked up at the local sporting goods store. I'm sure the ingenious DIYers out there can even figure out a good way to create the stock differently than the one in the video.

It's hard to say whether or not it would actually work in a big-game hunt, but it looks like it would be more fun than a Crosman air rifle.

Build it, shoot it and impress your less mechanically inclined friends.