Siemens Self-Driving Car Hits Wall in Goodwood Hill Climb

At the Goodwill Festival of Speed, Siemen's self-driving 1965 Mustang had a disastrous showing, sputtering and hitting the wall several times.

Its lousy showing was due to several mishaps, including faulty power steering and the use of a series of GPS accelerometers and gyroscopes instead of accurate radar and lead sensors which were not activated at the time.

This resulted in otherwise muddy acceleration, skidding the grass and hitting a hay bale - all while going at 20 miles per hour with a human safety driver behind the wheel.

The Goodwill Festival of Speed is one of the largest auto and motorsport events on the planet. This year's highlights including a third-best ever finish by a Volkswagen I.D. on the Hill Climb at 43.86 seconds and a 2-minute, curve-killing, two-wheel stunt on a Range Rover Sport SVR by stunt driver Terry Grant.

A brigade of 70 Land Rovers also made an appearance to celebrate the brand's 70th birthday.