35 Shrimp Puns And Jokes

One of the best small pets for your fishbowl is shrimp! Have you heard of red cherry shrimp? These shrimp do best in a 10-gallon tank; keeping the water conditions stable is key to their survival.

These shrimp are relatively easy to keep with 20 percent water changes monthly, as long as you keep the temperature and pH level stable.

Fun Fact: You can also keep fish in their tank, but make sure the fish are small, because bigger fish will snack on the shrimp. Good tank mates are guppies, tetras, and smaller barbs.

Now that we've introduced one shrimp species for your small fishbowl, let's laugh at some prawn puns!

35 Shrimp Jokes and Shrimp Puns

1. Why won't the shrimp share its treasure?

Because it's shellfish.

2. I just tried popcorn shrimp

And I realized that there isn't any popcorn in it. There goes pot roast...

3. My cousin's allergic to shellfish, and I laughed as I told him I put shrimp in his soup.

You should've seen his reaction....

4. What's it called when a shrimp kills another shrimp?

A krilling spree

5. What's the cheapest place to buy shrimp?

A prawn shop.

6. What do you call an all-u-can-eat shrimp dinner?


7. What does a depressed shrimp do to escape the pain?

He Krills himself.

8. First visit to Australia:

Ken: "What do you think of Australia so far?"

Barbie: "Get these damn shrimp off me!"

9. You should never trust shrimp.

You never know how shellfish they'll turn out to be.

10. What do shrimp wear in the kitchen?


11. Why did the shrimp and the clam get a divorce?

They were two shellfish.

12. A shrimp and a lobster are seated to next to each other on a plane.

Not long into the flight the frustrated shrimp turns to the lobster and says, "Stop taking up so much room! You are being too shellfish!"

13. What did one depressed Shrimp say to the other?

We're all just Prawns.

14. How did the shrimp eat all the fish food?


15. Why don't shrimp give anything to charity?

Because they're shellfish.

16. Why didn't the shrimp let anyone else eat?

He was being SHELLFISH

17. What did the Jumbo Shrimp say to the Jumbo Crab?

"Looks like you've got me in a pinch."

18. Why didn't the prawn share his dessert?

The piece of shrimp was shellfish!

19. I just found out there's no popcorn in popcorn shrimp

I guess there's no need to try pot roast.

20. Why wouldn't the shrimp share his treasure?

Because he was a little shellfish.

21. What did the fried rice say to the shrimp?

Don't wok away from me!

22. Did you hear about the shrimp that went to the prawn's cocktail party?

He pulled a mussel. There's no excuse for battered shrimp

23. What do you call a shrimp that keeps getting hurt?

Accident prawn

24. How come shrimp on Broadway don't share?

They are show shellfish.

25. How many shrimp does it take to make a famous actress?

Cameron Diez.

26. Why was the young shrimp not popular in Japanese cuisine?

Because of its short tempura.

27. What do you call a bed of Japanese fried shrimp and vegetables?


28. I'll never be friends with a crawfish or a shrimp

They're just two shellfish

29. How can you tell the future with a shrimp?

Devein it.

30. Did you hear about the egoistical shrimp with a lisp?

He wash very shellfish.

31. Why was the fried shrimp so happy soon after his breakup?

His pain was only tempurarary!

32. What do you call a shrimp with a tie?


33. Why don't shrimp-like basketball?

Cause they're afraid of the net

34. What's the best way to catch a shrimp?

Have someone throw it at you.

These funny puns (animal puns) will hopefully make you laugh Other punny phrases that are great food puns?

*Shrimp on the barbie

*Shrimply irresistible

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