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3 of the Best Shower Tents for Privacy

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If you're a camper, you probably know the struggles that come with camping privacy, which is to say, there's hardly any.

Whether you're trying to use the potty or take a shower, it can be difficult to get some much-needed seclusion when you're out in the wilderness. A shower tent is a great solution: it gives you the privacy you need for a portable camping shower or a camping toilet, and it'll make a huge difference in your future camping trips, we promise. If it hasn't occurred to you to add a portable camping shower to your camping gear, now is the time to grab one. You can use them as a changing room if you're sharing a tent with a host of people, use them to take a camp shower in private, or set it up as a toilet tent. It'll make your camping experience a lot more pleasant and a lot less overly intimate.

Shower tents are usually pretty similar, but there are several features that differentiates them. Some shower tents have pockets that are great for holding soap and shampoo, while some tents lack these specs. You'll also find that some tents provide lots of room for taller campers, or even have an extra room for bathroom use. We included tents for several scenarios, so see which tent is best for your needs.

1. Our Top Pick

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent - Amazon, $73

This freestanding portable shower tent is built with attention to detail. Inside, you'll find a towel hanger, clothes hanger, flashlight hanger, toilet paper holder, and personal item storage pockets to make this feel like your home bathroom. It's nearly seven feet tall, so even your tallest friends can enjoy showering (without feeling like Buddy the Elf in the North Pole), and it comes with eight tent pegs and four guy lines to make sure your shower tent is secure, plus four included sandbags weigh your tent down even in harsh terrain. The steel frame is super sturdy, but is still lightweight. The tent only weighs about 5.5 pounds, great for those who hate setting up heavy camping gear. The weight is also convenient for portability. Overall, it's a great tent for everyone. We especially love the fact that the mosquito netting keeps bugs out.

2. Best Tent Under $30

GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent - Amazon, $26.69

This one-person tent is great for family camping, it makes for a convenient changing room or one-room shower tent. It's made with water-resistant coating and includes a flexible steel frame for premium durability. The setup and takedown are lightspeed fast (not literally, but it's pretty quick), so you won't have to worry about additional setup once you get to camp. It weighs three pounds, so it'll be easy to move it around. It's not as tall as our top pick but it still gets the job done. It's a great tent under $30 if you can go without a few interior features like Green Elephant's tent.

3. Best 2-Room Shower Tent

KingCamp Oversize Camping Shower Tent 2 Rooms - Amazon, $149.99

We recommend a 2-room tent for families or for anyone that wants to use one room for showering and the other room for a bathroom area. Place a portable toilet in the extra room for must-have privacy. It's a bit expensive but the tent is worth every penny. It beats packing several tents! It's easy to setup and is very sturdy too. Go straight from the bathroom to the shower! The waterproof tent has an inside pocket with four compartments for all of your shower essentials. Use the outer pocket for your clothes and towel.

This post was originally published on June 25, 2021.